Somnox prepares for international expansion after fundraising.

Rotterdam, September 14, 2021 - Dutch health-tech scale-up Somnox, known for its Sleep Robot, is entering the international market following an equity round. This development is in line with the company's mission to help improve the sleep of at least 100 million people worldwide by 2030. In addition to expanding across borders, the company will also further develop its innovative sleep technology, which helps users to slow down their breathing rhythm and allow them to unwind and sleep better. This round of funding was organised by Health Investment Partners.

Four engineers from Delft, The Netherlands

Somnox was founded in 2016 by Julian Jagtenberg, Wouter Kooyman van Guldener, Job Engel and Stijn Antonisse. To help family members with anxiety and sleep issues, the four engineers from Delft, The Netherlands developed a breathing technique and sleep robot. The Somnox sleep robot is a soft, effective, and user-friendly tool that helps users relax and slow down their rhythm of breathing in a non-invasive way. Its intuitive design has already won several awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award. 

This year, Somnox was also named the most innovative SME company in the Netherlands by the Chamber of Commerce. In addition to this, Somnox has received numerous rave reviews on Trustpilot, and the company already has more than ten thousand users worldwide.

Power of breathing

Julian Jagtenberg, Founder and CEO of Somnox, said about the investment: "This most recent investment in Somnox will allow us to expand into new markets while launching new breathing and sleep technology. Thanks to Health Investment Partners and Prince Constantijn van Oranje and his team at Techleap, we have developed a great overseas strategy that we can now start rolling out. With Somnox, we want to make the power of breathing more widely available, anywhere in the world. We can't wait to help even more people sleep better and get their energy back!"

Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy Techleap

"Congratulations! Somnox is raising new money after the Techleap Compass program to become a global brand. Somnox actively sought the right guidance from experts and capital to develop and execute its internationalisation strategy. Internationalisation is tricky but crucial for any ambitious startup that understands that the Dutch market will soon become too small."


Quote from Robert Schuman: "Health Investment Partners has supported the Somnox team from the beginning and is proud to also support Somnox's next steps. This will allow an ever-larger group to benefit from the wholesome power of a good night's sleep that Somnox's innovative product brings."

Scientifically Proven 

When we are stressed, our sympathetic nervous system - with its “fight or flight response” - becomes overactive. This causes blood pressure and heart rate to increase, which makes relaxing and sleeping more difficult. By breathing slower, the parasympathetic nervous system (which is responsible for our body’s unconscious actions) becomes activated. 

Blood pressure lowers, heart rate slows, and muscles relax. Think of it as the emergency brake during acute stress, anxiety, or simply as a natural calming pill. Somnox's breathing and sleep technique robot guides users to breathe slower, which has been scientifically proven to activate the body's natural relaxation response. Compare it to a baby sleeping on your chest - after a while, you automatically follow each other's breathing rhythm.

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About Somnox

Somnox is on a mission to help 100 million worldwide achieve better sleep by 2030. Their patented technology provides users with a science-backed sleep companion to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, resulting in deeper, more restful sleep. Somnox is known for inventing the world’s first technology that leverages biofeedback and breathwork to accelerate the process of falling asleep. CEO and co-founder Julian Jagtenberg conceptualized Somnox while researching sleep as a robotics engineer at the University of Technology Delft in the Netherlands. Somnox has received much acclaim for its innovative design, including the Red Dot Design award and the iF Design award. For additional information, please visit


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